4th Trimester Realities

By: Rose

Just over a month ago, my colleague and I attended a course on pregnancy and the 4th trimester. It was delightful. Being very informative- much to our surprise, it answered most of the questions I had in mind and then some.

Much to my dismay, I found myself thinking about the time I was in my 4th trimester. With having PCOS and endometriosis ( and being a bit older🤫), I had a difficult time falling pregnant. I had a lot of anxiety present pre, during, and post-delivery. Yet, as a physiotherapist, I found myself lost and despondent. I couldn’t breastfeed my baby, and I felt so embarrassed- because as a physiotherapist I was supposed to know how to do this, but it’s really not as easy as the magazines and Google make out.

My little girl is now 4 years old, and all this time I blamed myself- for not asking for help, for not trying enough, and for depriving my child of much-needed nutrition.

I was so enlightened to learn on the course how to assist pregnant women to get relief from debilitating back pain and pelvic girdle pain, how to assist a breastfeeding mom with breastfeeding difficulties… how to help with correcting an incomplete latch, and how to assist babies with difficulties latching.

So many questions were answered for me personally and professionally resolving all that pent-up anxiety.

Breastfeeding complications can range from poor latching, resulting in mastitis the enormity of this diagnosis being misunderstood and also so easily managed with correct intervention.

Moms with back pain pre and post-delivery, c/s or natural- we can assist and give you the guidelines to return to better function and movement.

When it comes to the difficulties babies experience during latching, there are so many factors to consider. There are issues like lip and tongue ties, torticollis, cleft palates, severe reflux, complications post tongue tie release, and also the fact that some tongue ties are overlooked. In both views, mum and baby are unhappy… and this makes the road ahead ever so difficult.

We aim to help you the best way we can, so you and your baby can be prepared for this new and exciting journey fuss-free.

This is why we now look forward to providing you with additional support.

Breastfeeding mums we can assist with mastitis and engorgement to associated infections, we can do ultrasound and drainage and help you with feeding techniques. Simple things like adjusting a feeding position can make a world of difference.

We, or your paed can assess your baby, check for tongue and lip ties, and advise correctly.

I honestly wish I had this kind of help a few years ago. It would have made me confident as a new mom and may have helped me bond with my baby better.

Give us a call Moms… don’t be scared. If there’s anything we can’t help you with, we will direct you to a capable someone who can help. We look forward to seeing you soon and remember you got this.

All my love,