By Demi Humphries


Blocked nose?

Body aches?


In today’s world one would automatically think…” Do I have COVID!?!”

But seasonal colds and flus are still around and with us going into flu season let’s have a look at how physiotherapy can help.

Physiotherapists have certain techniques that help loosen and clear the chest of the secretions as well as breathing techniques that can make breathing a lot easier.

Coughing is a protective reflex that clears our airways of unwanted secretions or foreign bodies. It is important that you can cough effectively so that you are able to expel any foreign substances. A Physiotherapist can show you techniques that can help you cough more effectively.

Now for the really gross stuff, let’s talk about phlegm EEEeeeeeew! The colour of your phlegm is important in determining if an infection has started. If the phlegm is clear, it usually is an indication that there is no infection. As phlegm starts to darken into those lovely yellows and greens – it shows a clear sign of infection, and one would need to consult with their doctor as an anti-biotic might be required.

A Physiotherapist can teach you techniques on how to clear phlegm from your chest, some of these techniques include postural drainage, percussions, vibrations and breathing exercises.

Excessive coughing can cause inflammation of the airways, making your chest feel tight and sometimes difficult to breath. You may feel like your chest is constricting and, in some cases, you can even hear your chest wheezing when you breathe. Nebulizing can be used in conjunction with your chest physio to assist in both loosening secretions and in opening the airways.

So when should you go to a Physiotherapist?

  • If you are coughing a great deal and the phlegm is too difficult cough up.
  • A tight chest with difficulty breathing.
  • Difficulty coughing – a weak cough.
  • Difficulty getting in a relaxed position after a coughing fit.

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