By Bailey Squires

Woohooo!! The time has finally come to take your precious little human home…Now what?

First things first – BREATHE! The long awaited day of leaving the hospital can come with a mixture of extreme excitement and worry. You may have waited days, a couple weeks or even months to take your baby home yet when the day finally arrives, it can be terrifying leaving the security of the NICU!

It is important to remember that being discharged from the NICU means that your baby is strong, healthy and ready to go home (YAY!)

Here are a couple things that you can do to ensure that your baby stays happy and healthy in the comfort of your own home:

-Skin-to-skin time is so important to assist with the bonding process between parent and child, so does talking, singing, smiling and looking into their eyes.

-Try and maintain the routine that was set up for them in the NICU.

-Your baby will feel secure and protected wrapped in a blanket, with their hands in the midline. This will replicate the warmth and comfort of the womb.

-Caring for a newborn is tiring… Sleep when baby sleeps!

Did you have a C-Section? Take is easy and look after yourself! Protect your wound and back when caring for your baby.

If your preemie was born before 35 weeks, a trained CW Physiotherapist will assess them, as well as provide parents with appropriate exercises to ensure your little one will reach all their necessary milestones. We will also ensure that mom and dad are comfortable with handling and positioning their little bundle of joy.

This is such an exciting journey! Always remember you will never be alone in this, never hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have!

Enjoy every moment!

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our Physios, please feel free to Whatsapp us on 071 418 0517 or call one of our branches below.

Hillcrest & Ballito Branch: 031 768 8266

Howick Branch: 033 330 3899

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