By Dayne Goetsch

Ever heard of ‘the mind-body connection’? What’s in the body is in the mind and what’s in the mind is in the body.

People express themselves in different ways. Posture is one of those ways. Think of a time when you have been feeling very down or depressed. How did you portray these feeling to others? How did your posture change? You are most likely thinking of a defensive posture, head down with shoulders rounded.

Our bodies are connected through fascinating tissue call ‘fascia’. Fascia is an adaptable tissue that has the ability to shorten and adapt your body. If you find yourself constantly in a defensive body position, your body has the ability to adapt, fascia shortens and soon you find yourself stuck.

Ever been told to, “stand up straight” or “correct your posture”? You may find that you can correct it but not long after you find yourself back in the same posture that you were trying to get out of or perhaps your back starts to get sore from fighting all the tight tissue in the front of your body. Perhaps you have been feeling the effects of shortened fascia.

It may be a slight change in your posture, or it may already have progressed further to a point that you are starting to resemble one of your grandparents. Yes, as you get older the fascia continues to shorten. There is a reason that “old people” hunch. Get stuck in this position and you will be sure to start feeling like you look.

How do I fix this? You may be asking yourself?

The answer: Through fascia release!

At CW Physios our staff are trained in ‘Be Activated’ Techniques. These techniques are able to unlock the body in a systematic order following the body’s natural movement pattern. On a daily basis we are fortunate to have the opportunity to see the changes that these techniques have on our patients.

Perhaps this is the answer that you have been looking for?

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