By Tracey-Lee Du Plessis

“Sisters are doing it for themselves
Standing on their own two feet
And ringing on their own bells
Sisters are doing it for themselves”

This song comes to mind when I reflect on my partnership with Demi. I am filled with an immense amount of pride and all the good feels…viva us! Here we are 2 women running CW Physios as best we can.

We started our journey at the end of 2019 after been given the opportunity to take over CW Physios Inc from Carel. An opportunity we  grabbed with both hands and haven’t looked back. So far it has been great, well most part of it anyway… After how many lock downs and covid waves hitting us where it hurt most we somehow still got through it, together with an incredible team of men and women!

Demi asked me if I could possibly put together a blog post for women’s health about our journey as two woman running the practices we are. So while I thought that was a great idea, I felt I needed to truly speak a little gratitude into the world for the partner I have and the joy of running CW Physios together.

Demi is a beautiful woman, a wife and a mother of one. She has a serious passion for woman and pelvic health a scope not many of us physiotherapists  are brave enough to venture into. Her patients adore her, our staff look up to her and the professional healthcare staff we have the privilege to work alongside, respect her.

I started my maternity leave in December 2019 and Demi officially a fresh new partner took the bull by the horns and ran the practice like an absolute machine! Through 4 months of my absence, a level 5 lockdown, logistics and coordination of staff admits a pandemic she rocked it! Yes we have a great team, for which we BOTH are so grateful for…but it takes someone great to lead and guide from both the front and the back to pull a team through these tiring, uncertain and unrest times.

As we celebrate women this month, we celebrate those women who came before us. These women fought for our rights to  allow us the opportunity to work, vote and be who we truly want to be. These women who stood together to rise above all odds. One of those woman are Demi and boy oh boy am I lucky to have her on my side. Demi is one talented, compassionate and patient woman who has made me exceptionally proud to work alongside, associate myself with and walk this journey together with.

As we celebrate women this month, who are you truly grateful for and why? Let that special woman/women know because in a world that is in complete disarray a little gratitude, love and kindness to that special woman will go a long way.

Happy women’s month from one woman to another. May you continue to rock life and keep rising above the odds.

All my love


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