By Nathan Graham

Is your back or neck sore that no matter what exercises you do seem to never get better? Maybe the answer lies elsewhere in the body, maybe your back or neck pain is coming from a compensation pattern you didn’t know you had?

Instead of fixing your “symptoms” maybe it’s time to start addressing the cause of the problem.

Maybe it is time to Be Activated, a revolutionary treatment system that utilizes fascial release of tightened and restricted areas of the body. Allow the right muscles to do the right job at the right time and effectively addresses these compensation patterns. This reduces the strain produced by overworked muscles, takes the pressure off of sore joints and starts to restore normal movement patterns.

So, what does it do for you?

By addressing the cause, Be Activated provides:

  • Reduced pain both immediately and over long-term.
  • Improved flexibility and strength of major muscle groups.
  • Improved posture and balance.
  • Stronger and more coordinated functional movements.
  • Improved relaxation.
  • Improved diaphragmatic breathing.

From a personal standpoint, Be Activated is one of the most useful tools I learnt in my career and by using it I have seen huge changes in my clients in each session we do! These techniques truly show just how strong and capable the body can be when the right thing is done to it, if it makes my clients feel better and able to approach life from a position of strength then that is good enough for me.

So what are you waiting for , let us activate you!

If you’d like to book an activation session with one of our Physios , please feel free to Whatsapp us on 071 418 0517 or call one of our branches below.

Hillcrest Branch: 031 768 8266

Howick Branch: 033 330 3899

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