Women’s Health

What is a women’s health physio? How are physios involved in women’s health? These are all questions I asked myself. During university and my community service year women’s health was hardly touched on. The word kegals were mentioned and that was about it. Care before and after birth was not mentioned, menopause was not mentioned, and urinary issues were not mentioned…..(you get the picture). 

After finishing studying and ready to start my brand new job I was utterly convinced that sports physio was the way for me. I was prepared to be on the side of the field supporting a team. Starting at CW physios I quickly realized that what we were taught in university was just a scratch on the surface of what physiotherapy entails. I decided to try to experience every different avenue physio had to offer.

After treating patients we often sit in the office and chat about difficult cases, ask for advice, and for treatment ideas. One day there was a patient who had quite a traumatic birth and ended up in ICU. We often hear difficult and sad stories about our patients but for some reason, I really took this to heart. In the following days, I found out how a women’s health physio can help in those situations and I was hooked! After meeting this patient once she was in the ward my first thought was I want to be involved in helping people like her. 

That’s how my journey into women’s health started! I started doing the courses needed to treat patients with pelvic issues and I have enjoyed every minute. I am so lucky to have an amazing mentor and boss, Demi, who has guided me in this journey.

Our bodies are so incredible with what they can do but a lot of the time being pregnant and giving birth is just seen as something that women should do and it’s just natural and easy. It’s not easy and I don’t think many people are prepared for what pre and post-pregnancy bring. As your body changes a lot of things can happen and all I want is to be a support system. Often these changes come around and no one talks about it or can help or manage what is happening. Women’s health physios are the people who do. It’s so special to be a part of your journey, be there for the hard things, talk about the embarrassing things, and go through the journey with you. It’s a privilege to be able to do what we do and help make women’s lives better. It’s not something that is taken lightly and physios who work within the women’s health scope really have a passion for it. 

I am grateful to learn more every day and to even slightly help my patients’ lives is a massive win!