Take action. 

By Nathan Graham

Many of us set goals in our lives, from striving to reach those distinctions in Matric and later on degrees in university to sticking to a regular fitness routine or further yet to climbing your professional ladder within your job. All of this has one aspect in common…a goal needs to be present FIRST and then everything follows it! Believe it or not, the same is said in my field of physiotherapy.

Each day we help our hospital patients attain their goals some of which are simple like getting our bed for the first to walk with crutches down a corridor after surgery to more personal victories such as brushing their own hair for the first time or standing long enough to hug a loved after a stroke. The goals our patients have become our goals and we work with our patients to achieve these goals. 

One story that has struck my heartstrings of late concerns a patient who has been attending physiotherapy for years now, to cut a long story short he has had multiple spinal operations that have severely impacted the function of his leg. This individual showed sheer determination and continues to show that same determination in each physiotherapy session no matter how small the improvements may seem and during one session, he disclosed his personal goal to me…he wants to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day! To have the privilege of being able to help this man realize and achieve this deeply personal goal is overwhelming to be involved with and reminds me each day why I do what I do!

Begin with the end in mind and have complete faith in your abilities!