By Danielle Dobson

What? Physio can treat pelvic floor conditions? Yes, we can!

Often pelvic floor issues are seen as something that we don’t talk about in polite company. Conditions associated with the pelvic floor are seen as embarrassing or something we just have to live with and its just not true. Many people suffer with issues with their pelvic floor and the good news is there are people who can help.

Conditions include: urinary or bowel incontinence

Pain during or after intercourse


Pelvic pain

Decreased sensation in the genital area

Organ prolapse

Pre and post birth

Recovery after surgery

All of these can have different causes. The most important thing to remember is that pelvic floor exercise or ‘Kegels’ as everyone knows them are not always the correct treatment. Our conditions do not always stem from a weak pelvic floor, they can also stem from a hypertonic or tight pelvic floor. This is when your pelvic floor muscles are unable to relax and are constantly in a state of contraction.

Physiotherapists who have a special interest in pelvic floor conditions are trained specially to identify, assess and treat these conditions as well as custom program specifically to meet your needs.

What would a physiotherapy session for pelvic floor look like? Our first session is an assessment where we ask questions about your problem, any medical or surgical histories, births, diet, lifestyle and so much more. We want to identify what could possibly cause the problem you are having. If needed we could also perform an external and internal exam to assess whether there are any anatomical abnormalities. From there we start with changes to diet and lifestyle as well as exercises and breathing. We also offer treatment techniques such as biofeedback and TENS for stimulation.

We understand that issues of this nature are private and often difficult for the patient to disclose. We offer a safe and secure environment where our job is to help you as best we can overcome your condition and lead a normal life pain free!

If you or your loved ones feel they can benefit from Pelvic Health Physio, give us a call.