By Demi Humphries

A mastectomy is a surgery to remove one or both breasts in the hope to remove cancerous cells. Recovery from this can take up 6 weeks. Its by no means an easy procedure and can be an exceptionally difficult road to recovery for most.

When someone gets gangrene of the leg and requires an amputation it’s a big adjustment in that person’s life. Not only are they physically disfigured but they have to learn to walk again. Some get prosthetics to help them walk again. We wouldn’t go up to that person and say, “Oh well, at least you get a new leg now”.

So why do we do that to ladies who have to endure a mastectomy? Are we not amputating a part of their body too? Is it by choice that these ladies have cancer and have to undergo major surgery to preserve their life?  

“Oh well, at least you get a new set boobs now” is a phrase a lot of ladies who have had to undergo a mastectomy hear. We need to stop and realize that these ladies are not having cosmetic surgery for fun, they are undergoing lifesaving surgery. Breast reconstruction is an attempt to restore the body’s natural state following a mastectomy, NOT a cosmetic surgery to look better in a bikini!

As humans we feel it so important to look for the silver lining and often say things that really add no value. So instead of saying “You’re so lucky that you get a new set of boobs!” perhaps start with “How is your recovery going? How are you feeling? Is there anything I can do for you?”

To all those who have endured, are in the process or awaiting a mastectomy, we stand with you and support you whole heartedly. YOU GOT THIS!