Home Visits

By Bailey

Did you know that our physiotherapy services are not restricted to the walls of the hospital or our treatment rooms. It can also be experienced in the comfort of your own home! Yes, you heard right, the beauty of physiotherapy is that it can be done anywhere.

Home-based Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial for those who have recently had an operation, or those who need some assistance with improving balance, mobility, and strength. Often due to your condition travelling is not an option, and so we do the traveling and bring the service to you. With the change of season upon us, the need for chest physio also increases and, in some cases, can keep you away from hospital admission.

Common conditions that we treat at home are cases such as – 

  • Post-operative rehabilitation – total knee/hip replacements, spinal fusions, etc.
  • Back/neck pain, 
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation,
  • Joint pain, 
  • Chest infections, 
  • Neurological disorders (Parkinson’s etc.) and 
  • Balance and mobility-related issues.

There are several benefits to having home-based care, a huge bonus is that you are in your own, familiar environment. Other benefits include – 

  • Having a physiotherapist in your home allows us to do a risk assessment and assist with the ergonomics of your moving easily in and around your house. This will help prevent falls and allow you to carry on with your everyday tasks as independently as possible. 
  • If you have family or carers assisting at your home, we will ensure that they are educated and equipped to assist you with your day-to-day activities further. 
  • Having the physiotherapist in and around your space will also result in you feeling more confident and capable.
  • We will incorporate your rehabilitation into your daily routine giving you the necessary tools to increase your independence.

And remember, sometimes a physiotherapy session can be quite tiring, don’t fear because your comfy couch is near! Once the session is done, you can put your feet up straight away!