By: Bailey

Cancer…. A word flying around too frequently these days. There is not a person on this planet who does not know of someone who has cancer or lost a loved one because of this horrible disease. 

Well, recently, I have just walked this walk a little too close to home. My mom got her diagnosis just short of 1 year ago. With breast cancer awareness month just passed, I thought it important to share the necessity of early detection.

‘I caught it early’, four words that gave me the slightest sense of consolation amongst this very frightening time. The next few months involved big and scary changes like chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, wigs, and surgery. And yet through it all one constant was my mom’s positivity and strength, which still amazes me to this day! Today, she is in remission and getting stronger each day!

You may wonder why I am sharing this very personal journey with you, and that is to help other families. Early detection can save lives! Ladies, regular screening is a non-negotiable! Feel your breasts often! Look at them in the mirror, often! 

A few things to keep an eye out for include dimpling, inverting nipple, size, and shape. When doing a self-exam use the pads of your three middle fingers, doing a circular motion feeling for any lumps, thick spots, or any other changes. 

If you do detect something, do not wait! Go have it checked out immediately. It saved my mom, and it can save you too!