By Nathan Graham

Imagine this….. Bending down to pick your favourite flower without that pesky lower back pain, running on the rugby field without knee pain, or walking through a crowd without stress and anxiety. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? BA can improve your quality of life by giving you the freedom and joy in getting you back to doing what you love!

In response to manage our daily stresses, our body creates compensation patterns to survive. This results in reduced movement, dysfunction and pain which affects how we move or behave. The good news is that it can be alleviated and somewhat reverted with ‘Be Activated’ treatment sessions.

‘Be Activated’ or ‘BA’ treatment is a specialized and revolutionary approach to pain relief which involves identifying muscle weakness and by releasing the fascia to activate the correct muscle so that the right muscle does the right job at the right time! This improves overall body and muscle performance and at the same time, reduces your pain and discomfort.

Who is ‘Be Activated’ for?

‘Be Activated’ can be used for a wide range of individuals from elite sportsmen, fitness instructors to office workers and even the elderly!

Many patients have had a positive experience and reported that their original symptoms decrease after BA sessions because the connections between their muscles and nervous system, have been re-established!

What can I expect in a ‘Be Activated’ session?

  1. Your Physio will start with testing what your body is doing now, so that changes can be clearly measured. This is done by simple muscle resistance, strength and flexibility tests.
  2. The next step is to activate the body to breathe correctly.  
  3. The Physio will then run through the body’s sequencing patterns, testing and activating muscles so that they can return to their correct patterns for efficient and effective movement. You may experience a bit of discomfort as your muscles are being activated.

How do I start my ‘Be activated’ journey?

The full ‘BA’ treatment consists of 4 to 5 weekly sessions.

An Activated body will quickly change a “stressed and painful” state to a strong relaxed state of excellent performance.

Tried everything else and it doesn’t seem to work? Call our office today to set up an appointment. Not every physio can conduct muscle activations. Be apart of the Activation Nation today!