5 Reasons to Attend Physiotheraphy After Surgery

By: Beth Cairns

Have you or a loved one recently underwent surgery? Did you know that physiotherapy can help you after surgical intervention? No, it doesn’t include a massage, in case you were wondering. Let’s take a closer look how we can be of value in your road to recovery. Physiotherapy can:

  1.  Improve strength, mobility, and balance. After surgery, your muscles can tighten and/or loose strength. This may cause a decrease in range of motion and impact the mobility of your joint or overall mobility in how far you can walk. The physiotherapist can help improve your mobility with myofascial techniques as well as stretching and strengthening exercises. Balance exercises will also be taught to improve stability and safety when mobilizing.
  • Decrease pain. The physiotherapist can introduce modalities such as ice, heat, TENS, ultrasound, myofascial techniques, or stretching and strengthening exercises to help relieve pain. These modalities can help improve joint range of motion and muscle function as well as reduce inflammation leading to pain.
  • Decreased risk of post-surgical complications. The longer you remain immobile after surgery, the greater the chance of having secondary issues. These issues can include blood clots, infections, muscle weakness or atrophy. Your physiotherapist will get you moving as soon as it is safe which will help keep your blood flowing and reduce lung and heart related issues.
  • Reduce scar tissue formation. After injury or surgery, soft tissue contracts and scar tissue can form. If this scarring becomes excessive it can limit range of motion and function and cause pain. Soft tissue techniques can be performed by your physiotherapist to assist in mobilizing tissues and joints and reduce scarring.
  • Improve circulation. Physiotherapy can help improve blood circulation through exercise, modalities, and manual therapy techniques. Blood carries oxygen throughout the body which can help decrease inflammation and improve tissue flexibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about your recovery post-surgery and how our team of physiotherapists can assist you, please contact us at 031 768 8266 or admin@cwphysios.co.za.