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jennifero  Jennifer O'Neill

Biokineticist (Practice Owner)
BSc (HMS) (Phys)( WITS) 2007
BA (Hons) (Biok) NMMU 2008
Special Interests: Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation of children, cycling specific rehabilitation and training
When not working I like to do…. Mountain biking, Travelling
katep Kate Peters

BSc (HMS) (Hons) (Biok) (UKZN) 2012
Special Interests: Orthopaedic and special cases i.e.: Muscular dystrophy, Amputees, Rehabilitation of children, Elderly patients
When not working I like to do…. Horse riding, Fishing, Outdoors 
Jennifer O’Neil and Kate Peters joined our team in 2016. 

They operate from our gym area and continue with final rehabilitation of patients including orthopaedics, sports, cardiac rehabilitation and other chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiac patients.

Our Physiotherapists and the Biokineticists work closely together to optimally treat our patients.

They do fitness assessments for insurance and medical aid purposes.

Exercise classes are offered for conditions such as back pain, rehab following surgery, hip and knee replacements and cardiac patients.
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