The exciting field of Muscle Activation is a revolutionary new treatment offered at this practice which most people benefit from.

This treatment enables patients to use their muscles correctly. Most people move their body by using compensation strategies (the wrong muscles).

We work on releasing abnormal tension in the fascia (connective tissue) and then reinforce the correct muscle function.

When we use our muscles incorrectly it leads to overloading of other muscles and/or joints which leads to pain and eventually damage.

This type of treatment can improve posture, stability, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance dramatically which in turn, can reduce pain.

Most people benefit from this type of treatment:
For sportsmen - it leads to increased performance with decreased risk of injury.
For an average office worker - it leads to a better and more comfortable posture, less fatigue and less pain.

Incorrect muscle function is a modern day problem and mostly an undetected cause of pain and poor performance. We generally do not know about  these problems until we are tested.

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