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In 2011 Carel attended his first Be Activated Level 1 course with Douglas Heel. This sparked an interest that developed into a passion. Carel did various other Be Activated courses in South Africa and internationally, and has been working and refining his skills in this field ever since.

In 2017 Carel got the fantastic opportunity to get involved with teaching the Be Activated course to physiotherapists and Chiropractors in Durban. What a privilege to work side by side with the world-famous therapist and creator of the Be Activated system, Douglas Heel. Due to the success of the event the next course was planned for Gauteng and the rest of South Africa to follow.

Be Activated is a sequenced treatment system that corrects muscle imbalances in the body. Treatment focuses on releasing tight, collapsed areas in the body that prevents the body from moving correctly. It also stimulates changes in the neural drive to our muscles to restore normal movement. We use before and after intervention tests to constantly measure our effectiveness. This is also important for the patient to see and feel the immediate effect of what we do. 
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Our course runs over two days and will be presented in all the large cities of South Africa in the next few years. There are currently level 1 and 2 courses.

We only present the course to qualified physiotherapists and Chiropractors. This is due to the restrictions placed on the course accreditation by the SASP. We are however planning to develop a course suitable for non-medical therapists, personal trainers, biokineticists etc in the near future. SO, watch this space!

On the Be Activated course, therapists will learn techniques that will prove much more effective than a lot of traditional approaches. We believe it will change our approach to work with the body in the future.

The results are quick, long lasting and life changing! 

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