We first opened our doors in 2004 in Kloof and have been blessed to have grown into a practice of 5 Physiotherapists and 2 in-house Biokineticists.  We have a modern facility in the lovely Hillcrest Private Hospital.

What are we about at CW Physio’s?

• We are in the business of fixing patients.  If we can solve your problem, and you never need to see us again - that’s first prize!
• We want to help and guide you back to your normal life, sport or future aspirations.
• We believe to treat not only the “symptoms” but to find and treat the “cause”.
• We stay up to date with modern techniques.
• We take pride in what we do, and treat our patients to the best of our abilities.
• We have a wide network of supporting medical professionals to assist our patients.
• We spend time with our patients – no double bookings.
• We bill according to the time we spend with patients.

About US

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